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Getting the code

The F-CPU Project's source code is managed in several Git repositories located at To download one of these projects simply do:

git clone git://

Doing a modification

Create a development branch:

git checkout -b mybranch

Edit your source files:

nano source.vhd
nano main.c

Commit the source files to your local repository:

git add source.vhd main.c
git commit

Submitting patches

If you want to contribute to F-CPU project, you'll need to subscribe to our mailing list. This is the main place to send patches.

When your changes are committed to your local git repository, rebase your development branch on top of the upstream tree before creating your patch set:

$ git fetch --all --tags
$ git rebase origin/master

Now you can generate your patch set:

$ git format-patch -M -n -s -o outgoing origin/master

This will generate one or more patch files in the “outgoing” directory, automatically adding the “Signed-off-by” line.

Once patch files are generated, you can review/edit the commit message before submitting them using your favourite text editor.

Lastly, send your patches to the F-CPU mailing list:

git send-email --to outgoing/*

Please use only “git send-email” for sending patches. Manual copy/pasting of text is easily broken by text editors/email clients, and patches can't be applied easily.

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