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Welcome to the F-CPU's wiki !

As the project resumed only recently, you won't find a lot of useful stuff here. Yet. Please be patient

This subdomain is meant to be a big sandbox for new ideas, before they get committed to code and documentation.

Some topics that will be played with here :

Conventions, policies, licensing, meta stuff…

Contributing to the project's git repository

Architecture Design principles, Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) and internal circuit structure to run it

HardwareDesignTools VHDL, synthesis, simulation, verification…

HardwarePlatforms chips and boards to implement F-CPU

SoftwareTools (compiler)

PracticalProgramming (code snippets to show how to properly exploit the ISA)

F-GPU a reference platform

You might also find the following links useful :

F-CPU main site

The YASEP : a 16-32 bits microcontroller (F-CPU's younger brother)

YGWM is a JavaScript windowing toolkit created for CPU design and prototyped on the YASEP.

F-CPU_Deprecated kept for reference and historical reasons

More about this wiki

Active contributors can request write access to this wiki, just send me an email.

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